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Frequently Asked Questions

I have received a letter from the Arizona Department of Transportation requesting proof of insurance. What should I do?
You should contact our office immediately by phone or e-mail. Time is of great importance.
I have refinanced my home mortgage. Do I need to contact your office?
YES! Do not rely on your title company or new mortgage company to contact us, often they do not. We will need the name, address and phone number of your new mortgage company along with your new loan number.
The weather report on TV says a major rain storm is coming. Does my home insurance cover me if my home is damaged by a weather related flood?
The simple answer is NO. Flood Insurance is a separate insurance policy provided by the Federal Government. The good news is that I can get you if your home qualifies, a policy through the Federal Flood Program that will cover weather related flood damage to your home. There is however a 30 day waiting period before the flood policy coverage becomes effective.
I just bought a brand new vehicle, can I get replacement coverage for it on my auto insurance policy?
Most insurance companies do offer replacement coverage on brand new vehicles.
I am thinking about getting a Trampoline for my kids to play on in my back yard. Is that a problem?
YES! Your Homeownersinsurance policy could be cancelled. Most insurance companies will not insure a home with a trampoline and/or skateboard ramp on the property. Some will not insure a home with pool that has a diving board. Certain dog breeds with a bite history can also cause your home policy to be cancelled.

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