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Connie Mason is very knowledgeable, personable & thrifty. She shares these characteristics with others by knowing what we drive, visiting where & how we live & she researches the best insurance deal for us even when we’re not thinking of one. Connie is our “best lady agent”.
Zak & Linda

We have been working with Connie for several years now and she has saved us hundreds of $$$ in insurance premiums. I recommend using her before you pay another premium. You will be pleasantly surprised and saving $$$ is even more important in these hard economic times.


I have been with Connie since I could first drive which is more than 16 years now. When I got married I brought my husband over to the “Connie-side” with me. She has always gone the extra mile to make sure that we are getting the best deal. At one point she told us if she couldn’t get us a better deal she would have to send us to another company and my husband and I both decided that just wasn’t an option. We are crazy about her and her devotion to her customers. She really is the best agent in town.

Nicholle Russell, Peoria, AZ



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